Getting Ready For Your Lesson

NO. We have a fleet of high quality, ultra lightweight childrens’ bikes from our partners at [Woom Bikes USA][1] that we use for teaching. During the first lesson, we will fit your child to an appropriate bike to use in lessons. That said, it always our goal to transition the student back to their own bike successfully, so we will begin to transition to their bike as confidence and skills develop. Many of our students will need a new/larger bike after learning, and we work with our partner brands and Bike Doctor locally to help our PedalPower families select the right bike for their child. So please don’t rush out to buy something- but do bring his or her bike along to the first lesson as we’ll adjust the seat height, remove pedals and training wheels etc so your child can practice between lessons.

Helmet (we do have spares just in case!)

Water Bottle – important as bike lessons are hard work!

Mom, Dad, Grandparents or Guardian to sign Waiver – we will have you sign a Waiver & Release. You can complete this online in advance to save time! here.

No, not necessary. We learn to glide and balance first, which minimizes dramatic crashes (though everyone falls when learning to ride- it happen!). Knee and elbow pads tend to add more frustration and discomfort.

This is important – as the wrong clothing can be a hindrance, frustration and even a danger when learning to ride. Students should wear closed toes sneakers (laces tied tightly!) and long socks or long pants/leggings. Socks or pants protect sensitive shins which tend to get bumped frequently by pedals. Anything overly baggy (large basketball shorts for boys, skirts for girls) can be a danger and a discomfort. We suggest bringing a warmer layer like a sweatshirt or jacket that can be easily removed for managing changing temperatures.

You sure can leave! Parents are welcome to stay but asked to keep a bit of distance to allow student and instructor to develop a rapport. Please use encouraging words to cheer your child on as they learn and practice- the development of confidence is key to success and we practice positive reinforcement and clear, firm expectations for each student. Some children will try to give up more easily or frustrate faster if they think Mom or Dad is going to “give in”… so let us handle it and maybe take some time for a walk, emails, phone, younger siblings etc. Your child will be SO excited to show you their progress at the end of the lesson! It can be confusing to students if technique/terminology is different, so we will give parents some tips for coaching cues to use when practicing between lessons to reinforce and stay consistent. We’ll also suggest some “homework” for your child to work on – getting practice in between sessions is a huge help! Please do not allow your child to ride with training wheels between lessons – see this article for why we feel so strongly about it.

Kids love riding in the rain! That said, there are days where weather conditions are not safe for lessons and we will cancel in that case. We typically do not cancel for expected weather in advance as Maryland can be sunny/stormy/sunny again all in the course of an hour! If we mutually agree on the day of the lesson that conditions aren’t feasible, or if we have to call off a lesson mid-way through, you won’t “lose” that lesson and the time will be made up. However, we would kindly ask you to stick to the 24 hour cancellation policy in the event the weather conditions are suitable for riding. It’s not fair to us or our other PedalPower families waiting on lessons to cancel that day just for the threat of rain showers. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will be charged and counted towards your lesson package.

We use low-to-no traffic areas for lessons, within neighborhoods, parking lots and public spaces, and typically utilize extra hi-vis cones to enhance visibility in the teaching area. This is one reason we will need to review your home address if you want lessons to occur at home. We maintain Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification and have a fully-stocked first aid kit available. PedalPower Kids maintains appropriate levels of liability insurance for the nature of the business.


For Spring/Summer Private Lessons, availability is becoming limited. Book early. Private lessons will be at designated locations in the Annapolis/Arnold and Severna Park/Millersville areas. We won’t be traveling to customer’s homes. Your lesson location will be confirmed upon booking.

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At PedalPower Kids, getting more kids on bikes starts with providing high-quality, professional, encouraging instruction that builds confidence and trust.