Building Lifelong Bike Riders

Sandy, Mom of Sarah, 7


“Thank you so much for a wonderful biking week for my daughter.  She left home that Monday morning not knowing how to ride and no confidence in her ability to ride her bike.  She could balance and pedal a bit going downhill, but had no motivation to learn how to bike farther than that.  When she came home that 1st day of camp on Monday, not only was she biking, but was so enthusiastic to ride.  At the end of the week she had the full confidence and skills to ride on the bike path near our home to get fro yo. She knows more about safety and bike parts than her older 2 sisters.

Thank you for a amazing camp! Not only is she a capable rider, but also is confident on the bike path and knows the rules on how to pass others safely.  She now LOVES riding and we (her family) enjoy riding with her on family bike rides around local parks, to the community pool, and the bike trail. She also enjoyed biking with the police officers, the parade at the Senior Center and the bike decorating.  It was overall an amazing experience for her, exceeded our expectations, and has made her a life long biker!!!”

Laura, Mom of Skye, 6

Parents! Community members! Fellow bikers! This is the best service out there! Rachel is a fantastic teacher who had my 6yo riding without training wheels in just a few days. Highly recommend!



Maria, Mom of Lucia, 6 and Scott, 8

Rachel is the best. She is patient and knows what she is doing. She was able to teach both my kids how to ride a bike. She had my son riding within 15 minutes of his first lesson and has opened up a whole new world for him. Rachel has been quite patient with my extremely cautious and anxious daughter who takes quite a bit of time to learn anything that may involve falling, but has kept her interest in the lessons, which is quite an accomplishment.

Jessica, Mom of
Adele, 8 and Edith, 6

My girls, 8 and 6, learned very quickly and are now really good. Not only do they ride well but Rachel taught them good form which several neighbors have noticed as the girls are riding around in the neighborhood! Rachel is thoughtful about tailoring an approach to each child and is successful 100 percent of the time. Some people are born to instruct and Rachel is one of them.

Adele and Edith.JPG

Bethany, Mom of Beau, 8 and Darby, 6

We are 100% sold on the PedalPower Kids teaching method! So far Rachel has taught our 5 & 7 yr olds in a group lesson with their friends and also in a private lesson... they both started w/ zero ability (or willingness) to ride on 2 wheels and after lesson #1 my 7 yr old was up on his own and my 5 yr old had the drive and eagerness to get there! They’re now ready for 2 more lessons and we’re currently shopping for 2 high quality lightweight bikes! It is not easy (or always fun) to try to teach your own child how to do things that make you nervous, protective, overly competitive, or easily frustrated... That’s why experts like Rachel and PedalPower Kids are there! She will build the confidence of your nervous new rider and have them two wheeling in no time!

Lornas Kids Crop Rory on left side.JPG

Lorna, Mom of 4 PedalPower Kids
Ages 9, 8, 6 and 4

Rachel is magic and kids LOVE her! It took a long time to even convince my oldest to “try” to learn to ride. That was a LONG summer. When I heard about PedalPower KidsI knew it was how my other 3 kids would learn. There are so many factors that make Rachel and her team THE BEST, but the proof is in the kids’ actual riding and confidence to ride! Rachel’s ability to be calm while taking command is beyond. My children are getting better every day and we can’t wait to do a refresh soon. I love seeing PedalPower Kids in the neighborhood!


shelly, mom of jacob, age 10

My 10 year old son just finished this bike camp this week. What an amazing camp! My son had struggled with me teaching him to ride; after the first day at this week long camp he was riding on 2 wheels. Rachel is amazing with the kids and the techniques she uses are awesome! My son now knows how to ride his bike confidently and safely. It is amazing to see after the first day of camp that she had all 15 children riding their bikes. Not only did they learn to ride, they met with a nutritionist from Giant, met a park ranger that keeps the BWI trail up, learned safety checks for their bike, met police officers that ride bikes and so much more! Hands down the best camp ever and definitely worth the money spent.


Nicole, Mom of Andrew, 5

My son went from refusing to ride his bike with training wheels to straight to a bike with no training wheels! He loved his lessons with Miss Rachel! Andrew has been enjoying the summer every day with a bike ride.

Elissa (1).JPG

Staci, Mom of Elissa, 7

My daughter went from being unable and afraid to ride her bike without training wheels to riding completely on her own and LOVING it - in ONE day!!! By the end of the camp week she became extremely confident and now refuses to get off her bike. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rachel and her team! This program is awesome and the people who run it are encouraging, supportive and just incredible!

Lisa, Mom of Audrey, 9

My husband and I had been unsuccessfully trying to teach our almost 9-year-old to ride without training wheels for 2 years. TWO DAYS into the PedalPower Kids summer camp, and my daughter was riding confidently—more confidently than she’d ever ridden on training wheels. Rachel and her team are the real deal and I’m so glad we found her. Here’s what I appreciated the most:

  • Her teaching method is fun and creative (for example, on the first day, kids learn to glide like different animals—right up my creative daughter’s alley).

  • She is patient and encouraging and confident with the kids.

  • She adjusts her technique to suit the needs of each child. Even though she had a group of 15, she found time during a lunch break to help my daughter work on a skill separately that she was having a little trouble with—this made a big difference in her learning to ride so fast.

  • The kids were all having so much fun in general—even the ones who were initially quite nervous (like mine)!